IdentiPack Environmental Labelling Observatory is a project by CONAI and GS1 Italy.
It aims to monitor the presence of environmental information on product packaging in order to promote market knowledge, understand trends in consumption and provide companies with useful analytical tools and suggestions to define strategic and sustainable entrepreneurial choices.


The CONAI consortium is a private, not-for-profit, joint expression of producers and users of packaging, representing the cornerstone of the national packaging management system. With more than 681,000 member companies, it ensures that national recycling and recovery targets are achieved.

CONAI is responsible for sharing the burden of packaging waste management services among producers and users, according to the principle of shared responsibility and “the polluter pays”.
In order to fulfil these tasks, CONAI directs the activities of the seven packaging material consortia, which are representative of the materials used for the production of packaging, and which are responsible for the collection and recycling/recovery of packaging waste made of the various materials throughout the country.
CONAI and the self-compliance EPR schemes promote a framework programme agreement on a national basis with the National Association of Italian Municipalities (ANCI), with the Union of Italian Provinces (UPI) or with the Optimal Territorial Area Management Bodies, to ensure the coverage of the costs arising from separate collection, transport, sorting and other preliminary operations for packaging waste, as well as the methods for collecting this waste for recycling and recovery.
To support companies on packaging eco-design issues, CONAI promotes Pensare Futuro (“Thinking the Future”), a project that includes eco-design tools, guidelines and initiatives to accompany businesses on their path towards sustainability.


The barcode people, the global language for digital transformation.
Beginning with the ground-breaking introduction of the barcode in 1973, the GS1 non-profit organisation developed the world’s most widely-used standards for business-to-business communication. In Italy, GS1 Italy brings together 40,000 companies in all key sectors. Companies today face a scenario that is undergoing significant transformation: that of digital-enabled consumer behaviours.
The contemporary consumer compares prices and information in an uninterrupted dialogue between online and offline. They read, write and share reviews and opinions, moving between multiple channels. And above all, they choose the most transparent, responsible and sustainable brands and products.
GS1 Italy provides standard GS1 systems, shared ECR processes and a system of data management services that allow companies to create rewarding experiences for the consumer, increase transparency and reduce costs. In short, they make it possible to simplify and accelerate the digital transformation. GS1 Italy solutions and services help companies build a new pact of trust with consumers.